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Marvel Vs. DC - Daredevil, Hawkgirl and Superhero Fight Club

April 2015

By Ken Parker

Daredevil enters the battle swinging – Marvel's Daredevil was released on Netflix on Friday April 10 and I have to say – what a shame. What a shame that this show is not on a prime network. I managed to catch the first episode and it is excellent. Taking place in the same Avengers Universe, Daredevil manages to remind us that it is part of that same universe in a very subtle way. There is no name dropping in this series. The main characters don't know the Avengers. This small scope series centers on Matt Murdock, who is taking justice in his own hands as Daredevil. He is a well trained fighter who happens to be blind but has heightened senses.

The opening episode has a great story and pace with incredible visuals (I love the color scheme). This series, all 13 episodes are available on Netflix now, from what I can tell, is as good as any of the other Marvel series and that is excellent.

This doesn't mean that DC on TV is now in trouble because DC on TV is still best.

Hawkgirl joins DC spin-off series – Will the title of the new Flash/Arrow spin-off be Justice League? Might as well be. In addition to the Atom, Black Canary and Firestorm, Hawkgirl has joined the series. Ciara Renee will play the part. Also being added to the cast is Arthur Darvill, who played Rory in Doctor Who. Darvill will play Rip Hunter, a time traveler.

Speaking of the DC spin-off, we have a some of the stars of Arrow and Flash showing their love of the TV series Firefly!

Peter Parker is Spider-Man – Producer Kevin Feige has confirmed not only that the new Spider-Man will indeed be Peter Parker, but that Marvel has yet to make a misstep in its movie universe. The first appearance is said to be Captain America – Civil War and the first feature length Spider-Man film will not be an origin film – thank GOD!!

Yellow-Jacket Sighting – While the promotion machine for Avengers- Age of Ultron is out of control, Marvel is gearing up for Ant-Man, including this photo of Yellow-Jacket.

Oh, yea, and a new trailer. I have higher hopes for this film now!

Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off planned – despite not getting huge ratings, Marvel is banking on another spin-off series. No word on who or what the story will be and whether this will be an ABC series. Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter have yet to be renewed as well. Rumor has it that a Mockingbird series might be a possibility.

All of the sudden Marvel is beginning to flood the airwaves with product and I feel that each spin-off of Agents of SHIELD, no matter how good, will continue to dilute the ratings. AoS and Agent Carter are not ratings successes but they might be doing just well enough.

Avengers – Age of Ultron will have no post credit scene – Joss Whedon says that there will be no post credit scene at the end of The Avengers – Age of Ultron. When I first heard this I thought - “yea, right!!” but apparently Whedon has confirmed that he wouldn't want to upset people. The reason was that they could not come up with a good scene. I would have thought that a number of scenes could be included. Another Thanos or Infinity Stone clip, A Guardians of the Galaxy clip, a prelude to Civil War, a clip of Spider-Man or Ant-Man or even Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel are all potential ideas. Even a clip with Coulson and the Agents of SHIELD would have been nice. Of course any one of these may already be planned for within the movie, in the pre or during credit scene or even the next two Marvel films.

Rogue Cut – 17 minutes – For some reason there is a planned X-Men: Days of Future Past cut of the film and it will be 17 minutes longer than the original cut. For some reason this film might be released in theaters. Not sure why this is happening other than just make more money. I like the character Rogue but if there was a reason to cut it out of the film, why now change your mind. Sure, a DVD release with the deleted scenes as an extra or even another cut of the film included in the release are fine – but why re-release the film in the theaters. I like the film and will probably go see it, maybe....

X-Men Casting - Lots of casting news for all the superhero movies but Olivia Munn as Psylocke is one that stands out!!

X-Men Apocalypse is slated for a 2016 release.

Hugh Jackman plans to say farewell to Wolverine – Jackman has hinted that after Wolverine 3, he will hang up his claws forever. This means at minimum, two more films for his Wolverine, including the next X-Men film slated for 2016. Wolverine 3 is set for 2017. Certainly age is not a reason as Jackman has looked better and better with each film but he was done this since 2000.

Marvel just looks like it is having fun with their movie franchise and DC is having fun with its TV series - just look at this -

So for this round, Marvel is still doing everything right for its movie universe and is attempting to bolster its TV universe as well. DC is coasting with its TV world.  As for the DC movie world, Aquaman's Jason Momoa only had this to say - 

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