Thursday, April 21, 2016

Doctor Who - Details For Nightshade

Out this month is another foray into the novel adaptions and this one is one of my favorite books from the New Adventures range.  This book came out in 1993 and was written by Mark Gatiss and this story is one of his best Doctor Who stories ever.  So  if you were luke warm about getting this audio adventure because of Gatiss you should pick it up it is a pretty good story.  As always you can pick it up on the Big Finish website.

Professor Nightshade - tea time terror for all the family, and the most loved show in Britain. But Professor Nightshade's days are long over, and Edmund Trevithick is now just an unemployed actor in a retirement home, fondly remembering his past.

It's the same through the entire village of Crook Marsham - people are falling prey to their memories. At first harmlessly, and then, the bodies begin to turn up.

The Doctor and Ace arrive on the scene - but, with the Doctor planning his retirement, it may be time for Professor Nightshade to solve one last case.

Nightshade is based on the novel by Mark Gatiss from the Virgin New Adventures series of Doctor Who books

Written By: Mark Gatiss, adapted by Kyle C Szikora
Directed By: Scott Handcock

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), John Castle (Edmund Trevithick), Samuel Barnett (Robin), Katherine Jakeways (Jill), Edward Harrison (Dr Hawthorne), Jonny Magnanti (Lawrence), Tom Price (Sgt Barclay) and Carole Ann Ford (Susan)

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