Saturday, April 23, 2016

Who will be the next Doctor Who Companion?

With just a short time left before the announcement let's look at some of the favorites to play along side Peter Capaldi in the next season of Doctor Who.

Rakhee Thakrar – She has been rumored for a while. Rakhee is mostly known the the UK for her work on EastEnders but she has been in quite a bit of work including Holby City and Doctors. She is 32 which might be a little older for a companion but would be perfect for Capaldi.

Lacey Turner – She has also been in EastEnders as well as Being Human. She is 28 and has won more British Soap Awards than anyone else. Impressive.

Georgina Campbell – Another experienced actress who has been in Holby City, After Hours and Doctors.

Ingrid Oliver – A familiar face who would probably play her Doctor Who character Osgood. This is probably a fan favorite but is probably a long shot. I feel that Osgood is better as a once on a while character and not a full time. Still, no complaints here.

Pearl Mackie – a relative unknown, Pearl was recently visited by Peter Capaldi at her play and the actress recently started following former Doctor Who companion actresses Jenna Coleman and Freema Agyeman. Interesting.

Of course it is probably someone completely off the radar!!

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