Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Marvel Vs DC - Suicide Squad Success, Fall TV, Doctor Strange

A few things going on in the world of movies and television related to that ever lasting war between Marvel and DC.

Suicide Squad - a Win for DC - Suicide Squad had a fair amount of panning by critics despite it being the best DC superhero film since Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.  The film for the most part got the characters right and had a fun story to boot.  I felt the movie was trying to hard to be good.  At times the moments you see on screen look like they would be extremely funny or full of great action but instead they seemed to fall a bit flat.  The intros to each character were forced and while I did enjoy most of them, none of them blew me out of the water.  Even Margot Robbie, who I expected to steal the show, was pretty good but not fantastic.  Will Smith and Jared Leto were also pretty good.  The fact that DC has created a movie with pretty good characters is a step in the right direction.  Apart from choppy storytelling and odd pacing the movie did not make any major mistakes like with Superman in his two films.

Suicide Squad raked in the bucks, over taking some heavy hitting Marvel films including Captain America: Winter Soldier.  So I would expect DC to follow suit with films that are more like Suicide Squad and hopefully they will fix some of the writing issues.

Super TV - The television season is upon us and all the returning superhero shows (apart from the best of them, Agent Carter) are back.  Superman is the big news for Supergirl and I hope he does not steal the show.  I am really looking forward to this one more than any (beside Luke Cage of course) because of the new network and potential changes in the writing.

Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD - of course I was more interested in Supergirl until I saw the first episode of this season's Agent's of SHIELD and now I can't wait to see the next episode.  Ghost Rider looks to be an excellent addition to the series. I really like the feel of this so far - keep going with it!!

Luke Cage is out next week. Can't wait!!

Doctor Strange is coming up soon so -

Spider-man Selfie?  - Spiderman: Homecoming movie is filming and here is a photo to prove it.  The film has tons of rumors flying around including more connections to the Avengers.  While we wait for a trailer, potentially attached to Doctor Strange this November, here are some photos.

Captain America: Civil War - the Digital release and Blu-ray are out. I think they still make DVDs so that might be out as well.  Looking forward to seeing this but here is a deleted scene.

Meanwhile.... Brie Larson enjoys her new Marvel status as Captain Marvel with a selfie

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