Saturday, October 8, 2011

Supernatural - The Girl Next Door (Spoilers)

Sam and Dean are in over their heads with the Leviathans but they take time out to deal with serial deaths in a nearby town. What hideous creature are they hunting now and why would Sam want to protect it?


The cliffhanger from last week led me to believe the Hospital was going to be the primary setting for this episode but very quickly they get out of there. We then skip three weeks later. Not sure why this hold over from last week – perhaps they just ran over and had to finish this week. Anyhow Sam stumbles across a series of murders that seem to have a familiar M.O from his childhood. Sam encounters a monster he has met before and now must decide what to do.

This episode is told with flashbacks from Sam's point of view as well as events of the present. We learn that Sam meets a cute girl, Amy during an early mission when he was a teenager. The cute girl turns out to be a type of monster that eats brains. He had let her go all those years ago and now it appears she is killing again. Sam confronts Amy Pond (Jewel Staite) and finds out that she controls her feeding by consuming the brains of dead people at work (She is now a mortician). She was forced into killing three criminals and low lifes to save her young son from an illness but promises Sam she will never kill again.

Dean doesn't buy it and goes to do his job. He kills Amy Pond but lets her son go. The son promises that when he gets older that he would kill Dean.

Okay, first off I am not mixing up series here. Jewel Staite's character is called Amy Pond whether as an alias or that is her real name. 

The story is pretty good if not predictable. Not sure why Dean feels he must kill poor Kaylee ( I mean Amy Pond, I mean....) and not kill the son who now has no source of food that his mom was providing. I understand the point but Dean seems to have missed something there. Anyhow, the episode is directed by Jensen Ackles (Dean) himself and is a good little break from the ongoing Leviathan story line even though they do factor in at the beginning and end of the episode.

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