Saturday, October 22, 2011

Supernatural – Shut Up, Dr. Phil Review (Spoilers)

Sam seems eager to take on a new investigation of mysterious deaths. Could there be witch at work in a small town in Indiana?


Spike & Cordy?
The investigation leads to Maggie Stark (Charisma Carpenter) who certainly has some motive in the deaths but her husband, Donald (James Marsters) may have deserved all this wrath as he cheated on her. The investigation involves some fair amount of thrills and humor as the Winchesters narrow down the suspects and motives. We soon find out that there is more witch at work here and a war between the two seems likely. Sam and Dean attempt to put a stop to this while also attempting to stay alive.

The writers nailed this one!
I enjoyed this story a lot. It was certainly more old school with a bit more comedy than recently. Because this is considered to be a more comedic episode one could forgive the fact that Dean and Sam left town without killing both murdering witches. Only a couple of episodes ago Dean 'had to' kill the good monster (Jewel Staite) even though she said he wouldn't again. Now they leave town with two witches who killed some locals just to get back at one another. I guess the difference is that one kills for survival and the others out of anger. Really sends double messages. If it is being hammered into the viewers head that Dean killed the good monster because of who she was and Sam has yet to find out, then leaving town in this episode conflicts with this.

If it is a funny episode then more gore is okay!
Don't look up!!
It was good to see Charisma and James together again. Both actors have been fairly busy on TV and movies and now the mini reunion gives Buffy/Angel fans a little something. Their performances are good in a story that, like I said before, is more light-hearted. Speaking of hearts, there is a higher level of blood and gore than usual in this one. We always get a fair amount of blood and gore but with nail guns being shot into eyes, mini hearts pulsating within cupcakes and “Clean up on Aisle 7” there was a bit of squirming coming from my wife during these bits. All in all, one of the best stories this season.

The decline of Dean in drinking and the new Sam (Exercising and drinking bottled water) will no doubt factor in as the season goes on. Of course the Winchesters do end up with a captured Leviathan in the end so that should set up a very interesting story next week.

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