Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Godzilla poised for U.S. comeback?

Terrorizing a theater near you in 2014?
If Arnold Schwarzenegger can revive his movie career, why not someone of comparable acting skills, like Godzilla?

Scott West of is reporting that "it seems as if Legendary Pictures is creeping forward with yet another shot at making a Godzilla for American audiences. They have at least spoken with ‘Monsters’ director Gareth Edward about helming the film and have tapped David Goyer (‘The Dark Knight’) for writing duties."

West also has tracked down possible images (such as the one above) of what the latest incarnation of everyone's favorite giant radioactive lizard will look like. The images come from the official website of sculptor Hector A. Arce, who previously was connected to the project. West cites sources saying Arce's designs remain very much a part of the plan.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, the infamouskidd website is reporting: "The bigger question though is – how will Godzilla be brought to the screen? Will it be another CGI creation? Will we be lucky to get an old-school rubber suit? I’m hearing that the plan, as it stands now, is for Godzilla to actually be in the flesh, with someone filling a rubber suit for Godzilla’s return. The head will be controlled by animatronics, and any touch-ups needed for the final film will then fall upon CGI.

"Woohoo!!! The man in a rubber suit Godzilla is back!! I couldn’t be more thrilled if this holds up"

We couldn't agree more.

May we suggest an opening scene? Godzilla stomping on Matthew Broderick.

First, some musical accompaniment from our college years, courtesy of Blue Oyster Cult:

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