Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today Is The Last Spooks Episode Ever!!!!

Today is the last time that BBC spy and espionage show Spooks (MI5 in the USA) will air ever.  Tonight episode finishes the 10th series and ties up a good 6 part series 10.  Hopefully the fates of Ruth and Harry will have a happy ending but in true Spooks style I have my doubts.   I have thoroughly enjoyed all ten series of Spooks through all the cast changes and sub par stories but I will miss this show.  One thing that has been constant in the 10 series, besides the excellently written stories and series long arcs,  is the excellent portrayal of Harry Pierce by Peter Firth.  So goodbye Spooks it was a hell of a ride and you will be missed.


  1. Having just watched the so called last ever Spooks I have to wonder why the makers would end it when it's so popular. Harry was back at work which surprised me I thought we would see him walk away into the sunset. I feel like the other 8 million who watch it that they should change their minds and bring it back next year

  2. The ending was a typical Spooks ending. How could Harry walk into the sunset when all he has left now is his job. Plus did it ever occur to you to end the show while it was on top or that Peter Firth didn't want to do it anymore or the writers for that matter.