Sunday, October 16, 2011

Expect 'Ghost Rider' sequel to be 'darker, nastier, meaner'

Let's face it. The 2007 film "Ghost Rider" did not exactly set the cinematic world on fire. (Well, Eva Mendes was hot.)

So what can fans expect from the sequel, "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance," again starring Nicolas Cage in the title role?

Speaking at New York Comic Con over the weekend, writer Mark Neveldine and director Brian Taylor promised a darker tale that is more in line with the Marvel Comic books, according to Travis Walecka of Hero Complex:
“It will be more like a horror film than an episode of ‘Cops,’ ” Neveldine said ...
... The lively panel underlined how much the filmmakers enjoy their reputation for risk-taking stunt work and high-adrenaline antics. Neveldine said he set a decree that if anyone broke a bone on set, it would go into the movie. He added: “We crashed a lot of cars, busted a lot of gasoline cans, and broke a lot of bones.”

Eva Mendes - told you so.

That sounds great. The bad news? Neveldine and Taylor also wrote the script for "Jonah Hex" - not exactly something you want on your resume when you're trying to convince fans that you know how to bring a cult comic book figure to life on the big screen.

We'll know more when the film opens on Valentine's Day 2012.

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