Monday, October 17, 2011

Dan Jurgens & Keith Giffen New Creative Team on Superman Announced at NYCC

Cover for Superman 1.  The Book the new team will be on with issue 7
At NYCC it was announced that Dan Juregens will be taking over writing duties and Keith Giffen will be taking over illustrating Superman with issue 7.  They take over for comics legend George Perez.  The pair will be coming over from Green Arrow after a 3 part story.  The two had this to say.

"In my mind, Superman is still the first and best,” said Jurgens. “He is the premier character in comics. As a writer, the thing I like best about Superman is the incredibly wide parameter of stories that suit him. Whether it’s a cosmic enemy that threatens the entire planet or a next door neighbor who’s confronted with an incredible moral dilemma, Superman is at home with both and everything in between. As an artist, the thing I like is the sense of power and integrity Superman embodies. There’s something about drawing that majestic figure in flight with the cape and classic ‘S’ shield that will always be a kick. Working with Keith Giffen, one of the most creative guys in comics, who comes up with more ideas in five minutes than most guys do in a week, is the topper. I can’t wait to get started.”

"Are you kidding? It’s SUPERMAN! The sky is the limit!” said Giffen. “I don’t care what anyone says, Superman is DC’s flagship title and Dan and I are going to sweat blood to make sure that everyone out there knows why. The sense of wonder that defined the character for so long is, most definitely, coming back. Big time."

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