Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Clues to 'The Dark Knight Rises' Plot (Hint: Think 'Knightfall'

If you've been paying any attention at all to the little bat-bits of news coming from the secretive sets of Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," you probably already know too much about the film and its possible plot.



The criminal mastermind, portrayed by Tom Hardy, is billed as the top villain in the movie. That immediately reminds comic book fans of the "Knightfall" storyline from 1993. We'll let the fine folks at Screen Rant provide the synopsis.

But first, a warning: If you only know Bane from his lame appearance in Joel Schumacher's even lamer "Batman and Robin," this likely contains MAJOR SPOILERS:

In “Knightfall,” criminal mastermind Bane comes to Gotham City looking to become its new crime lord. Of course, there’s the small matter of getting Batman out of the way, so Bane decides to occupy the Dark Knight by staging a brazen prison break that floods the streets of Gotham with all the criminals Batman has put away. As the Caped Crusader sets out on a desperate quest to recapture all the loosed villains, Bane watches and waits. Finally, when Batman is worn down to his lowest ebb, Bane steps in to finish the job by beating Batman senseless and breaking his back. However, Batman eventually recovers from his injuries and returns to save the day.
For even more on "Knightfall," click here

Evidence continues to grow that major elements of "Knightfall" fill the plot of "Dark Knight." We won't go through them all - how many spoilers can you take in one day? - but the latest includes this clip, which appears to show an injured Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) walking with a cane. Look very closely around the 30-second mark.

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