Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Doctor Who - The American Adventures Review

Doctor Who:
The American Adventures
By Justin Richards

BBC Books have come out with a book that consists of six short stories that have one thing in common.  All the stories take place in the United States during different points in its history and The Doctor happens to be there to fix what is going wrong.  The six stories take place in the Midwest to New York City in the early 1900’s and a fun park in the future in Florida.

I for the most part enjoyed the stories in The American Adventures with my favorite one being the ghost story that took place in New York City in 1902 during the construction of the subway system.  There appears to be ghost of workers who have died during construction and the workers refuse to go into the tunnels to work because of the ghosts.  News of this captures The Doctors interest and the adventure ensues.  I really liked “Ghosts of New York” the most as The Doctor was portrayed as using his intelligence to solve the problem instead of resorting to using technology all the time which is what he does in all of the stories but it was something about a ghost story in a subway tunnel that just seemed pretty cool and an interesting idea for a story.

The American Adventures was a pretty easy read and it seemed geared more towards younger readers as the stories were pretty simple and easy to follow along.  I really liked the stories set in America as it added a different spin to the adventures instead of it taking place in England.  I was glad that Justin Richards did do his homework on the history of the time periods that he placed The Doctor in as it made the story that much enjoyable for me as I do like history and enjoy when it is accurate.

If you enjoy reading short story collections or looking for a Doctor Who book for a younger fan I suggest picking up “The American Adventures” as it is a fun book that is pretty easy to read but most of all it is very entertaining.
Grade B+

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