Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill To Star In Big Finish's Frankenstein

Big Finish is doing an adapation of the classic Mary Shelly novel Frankenstein.  It stars a bunch of Doctor Who alums like Geoffrey Beavers, Terry Molloy, and Nick Briggs.  It will be out in September.  You can order it from the Big Finish Website.

When the crew of the Oceanus rescued a man close to death, its captain could barely have guessed at the incredible story that man would come to share. This is the story of Victor Frankenstein: a man obsessed with discovering the secret of life and cheating death; a man who brings to life to a body built from corpses; and a man who rejects this would-be child…

Soon, Victor and his creature are entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse across Europe. But who is truly the monster?

Arthur Darvill stars in this gripping audiobook adaptation of Mary Shelley’s chilling tale, dramatised by Jonathan Barnes.

This special edition release features a bonus documentary - Behind the Screams - examining the worlds of horror in audio drama.

Written By: Mary Shelley, dramatised by Jonathan Barnes
Directed By: Scott Handcock 

Arthur Darvill (Victor Frankenstein), Nicholas Briggs (Waldman/The Creature), Geoffrey Beevers (Alphonse Frankenstein/DeLacey), Georgia Moffett (Elizabeth), Terry Molloy (Christensen/Proprietor), Alex Jordan (Captain Robert Walton), Geoffrey Breton (Henry Clerval/Felix), Lizzie Hopley (Giselle/Agatha/Lorna), Stephen Fewell (Krempe/Judge/Kirwin), Sarah Ovens (Justine/Female Creature)

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