Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doctor Who - Missing Episode Hunter Philip Morris "Expect The Unexpected"

The Radio Times has an interesting interview with Doctor Who Missing Episode Hunter Philip Morris.  It goes into detail about his search for The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. The Web of Fear is out on DVD this week and the article is heavy discussing that story but what I find interesting is his finally quote " Expect the unexpected".  Now does this lead us to believe that there is more missing Doctor Who episodes to come from Philip Morris and that he has indeed found more. I for one hope so and hope something is announced soon.  You can make your own mind up for yourselves after reading the quote below and following the link to the Radio Times story but something is telling me there is something more to come.

“To the fans, never give up hope. Be patient. People are working very hard in lots of very volatile and dangerous corners of the globe, sometimes paying with their nervous systems, which is a hard thing to give. As always, TIEA are out there. Expect the unexpected.”

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