Monday, June 9, 2014

Space: 1999 Merchandise Update

The above artwork was done by Chris Thompson and is based on the original design work for the Space:1999 series by Chris Foss (Alien).  Read more about this and see more of Chris's great work here.

A few new products for Space: 1999 fans coming out or are already out -

Powys Media is coming out with a new Space: 1999 book called "The Final Revolution".  The book is written by William Latham and has a forward by Barbara Bain (Dr. Russell).

A new T-shirt with the famous statement from the first episode of Space: 1999 is now available

Round 2 Models has re-released a couple of Space: 1999 models by MPC.  Eagle 1 and The Alien were original model kits that came out in the 70's and have been re-released with new decals.

Round 2 is also coming out with a Moonbase Alpha, again, a re-release from the 70's MPC kit but the model has been re-tooled to be more accurate looking.

Round 2 is working on an accessory for the Eagle model which would include the boosters pack and laboratory pod.

Rogue Studios are also working on an Eagle kit which will be a much higher scale larger model for sure.

As previous mentioned Fanderson is planning a 40th anniversary CD set with tons of Space: 1999 music. Still in the early stages of this CD, word has it that a possible 3 CD set might be the result.  Also of note, the release will not have a digital component due to licensing and like all Fanderson releases, can only be purchased by Fanderson members.

No official word yet but work is still being done on the Blu-ray release of Year Two of Space: 1999.  Fans are not holding their breath on this one but it could happen within a year.

In the meanwhile, has all 48 episodes now available to view with season 1 in HD!

Finally, a little bit of nostalgia with this-

Space: 1999 Power Records are now online - Those 70's Power Records are now available to experience online on Youtube -


  1. It's great to see this old show hasn't been forgotten. It was so innovative even today. I'd spring for the model.

  2. I haven't built a model in years and in my prime model building years, I was sub par. I may purchase the Moonbase Alpha and try to build it. I would expect it to look like how Alpha looked like after the hawk ships laid waste to it in "Wargames."