Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Come Wonder Woman Doesn't Get Any Love?

She is one of the more recognizable super hero's in the world and yet during this era of comic book movies she has yet to show up.  Why is that?  Even the attempts to get her another show on television has failed.  Since her debut in All Star Comics way back in December of 1941 Wonder Woman has had a presence in the newsstands and comic book shops ever since.   But there is no movie or plans to even make one.  Yes there has been the stuff that came out in the mid 70's like that horrible Cathy Lee

Crosby made for TV movie and the cult favorite Wonder Woman Television show that starred Lynda Carter but that is it.  She has been featured in the Justice League and Justice Unlimited cartoons during the 2000's but since Batman and Superman had their own series Wonder Woman did not.   It's as if those in charge are worried about giving a female lead a show of their own.  It's almost as if they are afraid that no one will want to watch a Wonder Woman show or movie.  I think that is false if done right I think lots of people would like to see a Wonder Woman movie someday.  If it is done right.  Take for instance the David E. Kelly pilot that was turned down by NBC.  The premise sounded awful as it had Wonder Woman partaking in ice cream socials and making it sound similar to Alley McBeal rather than Wonder Woman.  What people mainly want is the strong woman aspect and not the lets make her like your average twenty something that falls for every guy and then has to bust them as she finds out he's the bad guy.

If you look at the movies that are coming out and have come out in the past ten years you'll see that Batman will have three movies made by 2012 and Superman will be rebooted twice.  The Superman reboot coming after the failed Superman Returns that starred Brandon Routh. They are doing Superman again after that failed 2006 movie yet Wonder Woman still isn't getting anything.  It's hard to figure out why since her comic book has been out for 70 years.  She is according to DC one of the big 3 but yet when it comes to getting a movie she is zero.  Green Lantern just got his movie and there is word of DC making a Flash movie but all you hear about Wonder Woman are rumors and talk from directors on who they would cast as Wonder Woman.
As a fan of Wonder Woman I seem discourage that the two comic book companies are making tons of comic book movies and yet one of the more iconic super hero's of our time is sitting on the sidelines just watching.  No I'm not saying that if Wonder Woman was property of Marvel Comics that she would have her movie by now but you never know as Marvel is planning on making lots of movies with their properties. (Like Ant Man and Dr Strange.  I know Ant Man???)  At least DC entertainment did release an animated movie of Wonder Woman but so far she has only while others have well  several.  I think it is mainly that the studio big wigs don't see a female driven movie bringing in the big bucks as we all know most of those decisions are money based.  But if the story is good and the actress picked to play Wonder Woman is picked for her acting abilities besides her looks (No Michael Bay director here please) then you might be surprised by the turn out.  I think it is time for a Wonder Woman movie and would be there on opening night if one was ever made.  Unfortunately it is up to the suits that are afraid of a strong female character that can kick most peoples ass.  So what do you say DC I think it is time to green light a Wonder Woman movie before the comic book movie fad gets burned out.

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