Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dr. Who: The end of Rory and Amy - SPOILERS!

The Doctor and River and - hey, where are Rory and Amy?
Did I say spoilers?

No, I said SPOILERS.

In other words, don't read past the "read more" mark if you don't want to know.

Remember - I warned you about the SPOILERS.

The information comes courtesy of Janice Kay at

As everyone not living under a rock knows, the cast and crew of "Dr. Who" recently wrapped up filming in New York City for the fifth episode of the new fall season. Later, they reunited for additional filming at a cemetery in Wales. The episode, by all accounts, marks the departure of Rory and Amy from The Doctor's life.

How does The End happen? Well, according to one witness:

“(Amy) ran out from the TARDIS and stopped dead in front of the Weeping Angel and called the Doctor. He and River ran out in a hurry – River stopping behind – and the Doctor slowly approached the Angel. He stopped and tried pulling Amy away, but she was ignoring him and slowly walking towards the Angel. The Doctor was screaming, “No, no don’t do this, please!” River tried pulling the Doctor away, but he carried on. River said, “Come on, there’s nothing we can do.” The Doctor shouted, “NO!” And then went up to Amy (who was still walking towards the Angel). He then entered the TARDIS in anger and sadness, followed by River. Then they cut and just repeated the scene over again.”
The obvious question is "why," Why would Amy Pond approach the Weeping Angel when she knows the consequences? Kay offers the following explanation:
On lookers have reported that the cemetery is where Rory’s funeral is to take place. You see, according to what is being said about the episode, the Weeping Angels managed to get a hold of Rory and transport him back in time to New York circa 1930’s. When the Doctor and Amy finally get to him, he is already an old man on his death bed and dies, leaving Amy a widow. In the episode of ‘Blink’ the Doctor says that the same Angel can transport people to the same time era so it’s thought that Amy is hoping to have this particular Angel send her back to Rory.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

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