Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grumblings From The Longbox # 2


This Issue Avengers VS X-Men and The Winter Soldier

The much heralded AVX has arrived.  That’s Avengers Verse X-Men for those not in the know.  So far we had the freebie number zero and issue number one.  Well It wasn’t all what I suspected to be but considering who one of the writers are I thought it might be subpar.   With that said I did find the overall story to be in the least interesting.

 It all centers on the Phoenix Force returning to Earth.  OK.  Not being a regular reader of the X books this has me at a loop plus the fact that Jean Grey is yet once again dead.  Apparently it is coming for Hope Summers who is Cyclops daughter from the future.  She is also the one to bring balance to the mutants or something like that.  Got all that.  Good there might be a test later on.  Apparently The Avengers want to prevent the Phoenix Force from returning and have found some residual Phoenix Force in Hope and want to isolate her. Well that’s when the fights begin and that is where issue one ends.

Well I thought it was pretty good even though I didn’t have much of a clue as to what was going on on the X-Men side of things.  I thought the way that they got the two groups to come to blows was pretty good and at least they didn’t go with the mind take over or something lame like that.  But knowing that this is a Marvel event time will tell if they find a way to screw things up.   Surprisingly a really good start to Avengers VS X-Men by Marvel Comics and hopefully it continues.
Sticking with Marvel if you are not reading Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier then you are missing out.  This book is pretty good and it focuses on Bucky (Who is the Winter Soldier) and the Black Widow.  It is a pretty good espionage and cloak and dagger type of a book that is written really well and the first arc with Dr Doom is pretty good. The art by Butch Guice is pretty good also and helps capture the feel that the book is trying to convay as being dark and gritty. Plus Lee Bermejo’s covers are awesome also so catch up with this book it is worth it.

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