Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Earth - Review (Spoilers)

Imagine a duplicate Earth appearing in our skies.  The same people live on that Earth.  Imagine you had an opportunity to visit this Earth 2. What would you say to yourself?


This film has a sci-fi backdrop but is really a drama and character study of an unlikely developing relationship. Rhoda (Brit Marling) celebrates her acceptance into MIT at a party and while driving under the influence, hits another car, killing a pregnant woman and her son.  The husband is put into a coma.  Rhoda is sent to prison.  4 years later she gets out and finds out that the man is out of his coma.  Rhoda goes to apologize to John (William Mapother) but loses her nerve and instead says she is from a cleaning service.  It appears John’s life is in a depressed state and Rhoda works hard to clean it up by cleaning the house. Slowly a relationship is formed.

While all this is happening, the discovery of a new planet (it is Rhoda’s learning of the planet and looking out the car window that is partially responsible for the car accident) is taking everyone by storm.  The planet is a duplicate Earth.  A parallel Earth with the same people and everything.  Rhoda enters a contest to be one of the passengers on a space flight to Earth 2.

Rhoda and John are getting close and both have broken out of their depressions but things get interesting when Rhoda wins the contest and is set to travel to Earth 2.

There is no need to understand where or how this Earth 2 has come to being, only that it is there. The sci-fi part of this movie is really just a back drop with only a few hints from time to time.  The focus is on Rhoda and her hope that perhaps she made the better decisions on Earth 2.  In the end she discovers the truth as does John.  The examination of destiny and decisions is here for us to see as Rhoda hopes that perhaps her other self made the right decisions and that John’s family is alive on Earth 2.  Is it possible to avoid this destiny?

The low key mood of this movie is perfect as we slowly and quietly see this relationship build while waiting for the other shoe to drop.  You feel for the two and understand what they are going through.  The presence of the other Earth steers the story along and ultimately and abruptly provides the answer for Rhoda. 

I found this film mesmerizing and beautiful with excellent photography and music. The performances were spot on as well.  With this thought provoking drama with a hint of sci-fi I found a peaceful and enjoyable view.

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  1. Did you like the musical saw scene in 'Another Earth'? You can hear/download music from it on the composer's website

    And in the theme of sci-fi and musical saw, this is the lady who played on the 'Another Earth' soundtrack, playing the theme from Star Trek on the saw in the NYC subway: