Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knights Of Mayhem - New Jousting Show On NatGeo Channel

 For fans of Renaissance Faires this show might be of interest to you.  Mayhem is a show about the professional jousting league.  It starts tonight on the National Geographic Channel and for more info use this link below.

Thanks to Gizmatt for the heads up on this show.

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  1. personialy i enjoyed the show although i could have done w out all of the foul language all in all the show was very well done and i was hopeing for a 2nd season w more of the same,that is seeing the charactures doing thier thing and charlie tryin to get the thing eventualy turned into a reconized legit sport frankley w the points system that they are useing,and a double elemenation set up w national rankings and the possibality of international competation and rankings it could very well turn into exactly what charley and co are looking for.