Sunday, November 6, 2011

Supernatural - The Mentalists (Minor Spoilers)

Mysterious deaths lead Sam and Dean to the town of Lily Dale. They find the town inhabited by a large amount of fortune tellers and psychics, several of whom were the victims of the gruesome deaths. A ghost may be involved but why is a ghost bumping of these psychics, many of whom are fakes.

Minor Spoilers

The story is pretty basic and not totally original and exciting but I found it to be enjoyable because its simplicity and 'old school' feel to it. The continuing story line and tension between the brothers is sort of resolved as they discuss the killing of Amy (how many times are they going to show poor Jewel Staite's character being killed).

I have always been a fan of how this series handles ghosts and so this one is one of my favorites of the season so far. I am not really super eager to see a return to the main story arc as I know they will get to it soon so it is good to see this format now before we get back to the bigger picture.

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