Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give someone Captain Jack Harkness for the holidays

If you know a Captain Jack Harkness fan who has been good this year - make that very good - we've found the perfect holiday gift - an official replica Royal Air Force coat.

For just $329.99 (remember - we said "very good"), you can have the BBC-licensed product.

Among the coat's features, according to ThinkGeek, (sorry, immortality not included) are:

  • Fully lined
  • Replica RAF brass buttons
  • Exact replica belt buckle
  • Back kick pleat with hidden buttons
  • Double-breasted closure
  • Functional inside and outside pockets
  • Non-wool fabric (actor John Barrowman is allergic to wool!)
  • It is 80 per cent polyester and 20 per cent nylon

1 comment:

  1. This is a really fab coat - don't be put off by it being non-wool, it is actually softer and flows better than wool, like the one in the show.

    I was so jealous of the one I bought my husband I bought one myself!