Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'Smallville' cast to reunite in 'Metropolis'?

We saw Tom Welling fly, but never in his super-suit.
Details are sketchy - OK, they are practically non-existent - but a page at the Internet Movie Data Base indicates that we have not seen the last of Tom Welling as Superman.

Actually, we haven't seen the first of him in costume, either. Although Welling played Clark Kent for 10 seasons on "Smallville," fans never got to see him actually done the red-and-blue and take to the skies as the Last Son of Krypton. The show teased its fans, but never actually delivered, even in the show's much-hyped finale.

According to IMDB, the cast of "Smallville" will return to the small screen in September 2012 for the continuing adventures of Clark, Lois (Erica Durance) and friends in a new series, "Metropolis." The page lists Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen), and Michael McKean (Perry White) among the coast, Brian Wayne Peterson and Kelly Souders as writers, and Alfred Gough as director.

But is any of it true? Seems doubtful. A glance at Welling's own IMDB finds no mention of "Metropolis." Perhaps in a Bizarro universe ...


  1. Is this story true? I know Welling stated he would never wear the Superman costume but that might have been for the Smallville series. Now for a TV movie a couple years out, perhaps he will. It is also possible that the license owners did not want Superman to appear in Smallville before the big screen return so maybe after that movie is out, it will be okay.

    Along the Welling statement, it is also possible that an increase in payment has changed his mind as well. I read that the costume (The "S") he partially wore was from Superman Returns and didn't fit him well so that is another reason (money to make a new costume for Welling)

  2. I see they took the listing of the show off of IMDB, does that mean they decided not to do the show. Please tell me and all the other fans of smallville that this isn't true. The show Metropolis sounded great for a continuation of the show.It only made since that it would be called that seeing that most of Clarks goings was in Metropolis. I would love to see the start of the show Metropolis with Clark Flying the way Smallville ended.