Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Garrett Wang: 'I cannot stand William Shatner'

Don't invite him and William Shatner to the same party.
Add actor Garrett Wang to the Shat List.

The Shat List? We just made that up. It's the list of people who have professed a distaste for the actor, especially those who worked with him in the Star Trek universe. Speaking as part of a panel at Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, according to Trek News, the actor who played Harry Kim on "Voyager" told the audience:

“I was at the Tulsa Trek Expo, I was in the green room, so this is a backstage room where only the actors are. So I walked up to him and said ‘Mr. Shatner, I finally get to meet you.’ [Shatner's handshake] it was limp wristed, he gave me this, like he was the Queen of England or something. So he gives me that, then in the middle of the handshake, he looks away, then he pulls his hand away and he wipes it off on his shirt, right in front of me.
"All I saw was red. You know what? God help me, I want to punch his fat belly right now. I was so mad. I want to tell you guys, I love Captain Kirk, but I fricken’ cannot stand William Shatner. I’m gonna say that right now.”

“That is no way to treat someone.”

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