Monday, November 7, 2011

John Barrowman would like to reunite with Dr. Who - as long as it's David Tennant

John Barrowman may be causing a disruption in the Whoniverse with his comments about the possibility of Capt. Jack Harkness appearing on screen again with Dr. Who. He recently told RTE:

"I think that Torchwood, more so than Doctor Who, lends itself to being a big film because it's more adult. Now if it was Doctor Who with David (Tennant) playing the Doctor - I'm going to get in trouble for saying this - I'd happily do a film with him."
As for the future of Torchwood, Barrowman did not sound overly optimistic:
"If there's a pause button, we've pushed the pause button now because we don't know what's happening. I would love to do a new series and I will play Captain Jack as long as they want me to play Captain Jack, but it's in limbo at the moment and beyond my control."

On working with Bill Pullman on "Miracle Day:"
"For goodness sake, I fancied Bill Pullman when he did Spaceballs. I thought he was a hunk and I told him that. He went (adopts gravelly Pullman accent): 'Oh wow, the Barrowman loved me!' 'Loved you?' I said, 'I still do!' He would joke with me after a scene, saying: 'You were loving me there, weren't you Barrowman?' And I was like: 'Yeah Pullman, I was loving you!'"

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