Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lost 'Star Trek' script, intended for Milton Berle (!), claimed by CBS

Milton Berle as guest villain "Louie the Lilac" on "Batman."
The script walked among us ... briefly.

An unused "Star Trek" script from the original series is no longer going to be adapted by the people behind the web series Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II. No, the Ferengi did not put in a claim on "He Walked Among Us." Rather, CBS is blocking production of the story, the New York Times reported.

CBS says it owns the script by science fiction writer Norman Spinrad - and probably is right. Spinrad also wrote the popular original episode, "The Doomsday Machine."

"He Walked Among Us" was seen as a dramatic role for comedian Milton Berle. In the story, according to The Times:

His character is a well-meaning but messianic sociologist whose conduct threatens to destroy the planet Jugal. The crew of the Enterprise must remove him without disrupting the normal development of the culture.
Spinrad told that he asked series creator Gene Roddenberry to drop the episode after producer Gene Coon “rewrote it into an unfunny comedy.”

Current executive at CBS say the network is “considering opportunities to offer licensed copies of the work.”

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