Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sherlock Series 2 North American Blu Ray/DVD Release Date

For fans of Sherlock here in the USA you will be able to get the series 2 Blu Ray or DVD on May 22.  A few days after Series 2 finishes up on PBS.  Can't wait bring on May.

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  1. "Sherlock" is one of the best shows on television right now. If you aren't watching it, you really should be. Season 2 definitely lived up to expectations. I think the very first episode, "A Scandal in Belgravia," is hands-down the best episode of the season to date. The third episode of the season, "The Reichenbach Fall," leaves you with an awesome cliffhanger, one that I am dying to see how they handle next season. Surprisingly, my least favorite episode of this season was "The Hounds of Baskerville." It was an interesting episode, but as it is one of my favorite classic Sherlock Holmes tales, I think I really had a lot of expectations for this episode, and was slightly disappointed by the way it ultimately played out. I am still giving the season five stars, though, because it is just THAT GOOD.