Friday, June 22, 2012

Red, White And Who

Red White and Who is a project looking to compile a definitive history of Doctor Who fandom in America.  They are looking for info about fandom including clubs, fanzines and conventions.  The site, link below, also has an online questionnaire that you can fill out to help their cause.  The following is info from their website.
RED WHITE AND WHO is a chronological narrative of the history of Doctor Who – and its fandom – in the United States, incorporating rare illustrative material, and interviews with and essays by some of the key people who laid the groundwork for the fandom in which we participate today.
To help us make this book as exhaustive as possible, we need your help! You can get in touch by e-mail at or via our Facebook page. You can also post in the book’s dedicated Gallifrey Base forum section (registration required).

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