Friday, June 22, 2012

Is Madame Vastra Returning To Doctor Who???

Anything is possible and yet this could be another red herring or it might actually be true.  According to some British Tabloids they are reporting (Ha! Tabloids reporting that's funny) that Neve McIntosh will be reprising her role as Madame Vastra and actually be hot for new companion Jenna - Louis Coleman.  Well this would be an interesting turn for the show and would make things spicy.  Well I do believe she might be returning as Steven Moffat loves to over use characters.  We'll just have to wait and see if this Lesbian Love Triangle comes to fruition.  Oh and if your on Twitter go and follow Neve McIntosh @McIntoshNeve

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  1. I would expect for the 50th Anniversary every single character and monster that has appeared in the New Doctor Who to make an appearance at one point or another. Since every season right now includes the return of characters from the previous year, seeing returning characters are neither exciting nor surprising.