Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jodi Whittaker's Doctor Who Costume Revealed

The BBC have revealed the new Doctors costume and it is well, You be the judge.  Thumbs up or down let us know on Facebook or Twitter @GallyGazette.


  1. The long coat is similar to what other Doctors have worn, most notably David Tennant. Several other Doctors have worn suspenders, most notably Peter Davison and Matt Smith. The shoes are similar to what several other Doctors have worn before, too.

    The color scheme is brighter than we've had in recent years, though nowhere near as bright as Colin Baker's. I suspect it will be adjusted from time to time.

    In other words, it fits pretty well with what Doctor costumes have looked like over the years. If the Doctor is still the Doctor, regardless of being male or female, then this kind of costume is what I would expect.