Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm Looking Forward To In 2012


2011 will soon be over and 2012 will be on us like bees to honey or flies to a pile of dung that has been sitting around for days.  Any 2011 was a pretty good year for geeks in general.  Lots of great super hero movies and tons of shows to watch on tv and several pretty big comic book happenings.  So what does 2012 have I store for us all.  Well tons of pretty cool stuff that looks to surpass 2011.  Well here is what I DR5WHO is looking forward to in 2012.

 Well, baring the world ending as predicted by the naysayers 2012 will be huge. In fact even though I have been a big negative ninny about it I am looking forward to Marvels Avengers VS X – Men.  Why?  Cause it’s a huge event.  If anything Marvel Comics does hype their big events pretty well and cause an excitement for comic book fans and the casual reader.  If anything with the latest X-Men movie and the upcoming Avengers movie this event has the potential of being pretty good and wet dream for most Marvel Die Hards.  I will be interested in this and hope it has a pretty strong stong story and intelligent one and not a complete waste of a forest of trees. 
I’m also looking forward to seeing where DC’s New 52 will be headed.  Sure it was pretty cool so far with the relaunch and tweaking the character’s to be more mainstreamed by a younger crowed.  So making established heroes hip and cool is all good and all and so far the stories have been pretty enjoyable.  But with the turnover of writers after the first 6 issue arc has me a bit concerned.  Will the stories be good in 2012 and flow effortlessly from story or will they just be disappointing.  This is something I’m looking forward to seeing in 2012 if DC’s New 52 can continue its momentum and to see where it goes from here.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Fringe will resolve everything.  This season has been exceptional and I love how Peter is in an alternate reality (or is he) where no one knows him and he has to work to gain peoples trust.  It will be very interesting to see if it is another Earth to see how Peter gets back to his Earth.  In 2012 I’m looking forward to seeing more of The Big Bang Theory also.  Love this show as I believe it is the funniest show in the world.  Plus we should get to see more of the planning of the wedding of Howard and Bernadette.  I’m hoping all hell lets loose in true Big Bang nature. 

Movies are gonna be huge in 2012.  HUGE.  If you thought 2011 was a geeks paradise for movies well 2012 is gonna be the geek orgasm that many have been waiting for.  For starters you have the biggest super hero movie in The Avengers.  I can’t wait for that movie to come out as I have been an Avengers fan for years.  Since I read DC mainly The Avengers is one of the few books that I still get regularly from Marvel. Of course we also have The Amazing Spider – Man, The Expendables 2, Underworld: Awakening, The Hunger Games and many more that I would run out of space to mention.  Plus we will be getting part one of The Hobbit. I can’t wait for that also as I loved the trilogy that comes after. Two movies that I’m can’t wait to see more than The Avengers is Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and the new James Bond movie Skyfall.  Probably two of my top 5 characters of all time and they both will be coming out with new movies in 2012.  I’m looking forward to spending time in the movie theatre and hopefully I won’t be disappointed by the movies. As long as there is action and a good story then I will be happy.
Oh how I could forget the two main things that I will be looking forward to in 2012.  That would be the next season of Doctor Who and Sherlock.  I don’t have to long to wait for Sherlock as it starts on January 1st.  I am looking forward to see how that cliff hanger will be resolved and definitely looking forward to the stories this series as the titles are very intriguing.
Plus I’m always looking forward to new Doctor Who whether it be in audio, books, or comics.  But mainly can’t wait for the television series to return.  Definitely can’t wait to see what direction Steven Moffat will take the series and what baddies we might see returning. 

So while we bid adieu to 2011 and hello to 2012 the stuff we get to see will make for a very interesting year.

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