Sunday, December 11, 2011

'The Dark Knight Rises' prologue - SPOILERS!

What did you say?
We're not taking credit for any of this. Not a single word. All of the we're-not-worthy kudos go to Janice Kay of, who cleverly pieced together the following description of the upcoming trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises." The title of World's Greatest Detective is taken, but Kay deserves special recognition for her work on this.

One more time - SPOILERS ahead. Do not clock on "read more" unless you want to, you know, read more.

In a nutshell, the trailer can be called ‘Bane on a Plane’ as it mainly introduces the type of villain Tom Hardy plays in the movie. The sequence is said to start with Commissioner Gordon speaking at the funeral of Harvey Dent then switches to an elaborate heist scene that involves Bane. Apparently the CIA makes a money- for-hostage deal with a local militia to turn Dr. Pavel and three additional masked prisoners over to them ...
These prisoners are associates of the mercenary known as Bane. While on the plane, the CIA operatives try to strong arm their way to get the prisoners to reveal Bane’s whereabouts. All of a sudden, it’s revealed that Bane is one of the prisoners! Wearing the trademark face mask, the CIA agent (played by ‘Game of Thrones’ Aiden Gillen) asks, ‘Was it your plan to get caught?” To which Bane replies, “It was my plan to crash this plane”.
Thus starts a sequence of scenes worthy of being part of a James Bond film.  Another bigger plane belonging to Bane swoops in with a squad of tactical commandoes and metal cables and proceeds to crash the CIA jet and extract Bane in the process, all in midair!
Afterwards, there’s a quick minute montage of footage showing Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Selina Kyle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, Christian Bale as Batman, scenes of the Batwing chasing the Batmobile, brawls on the streets of Gothan and more of Bane. The final shot (which brought a chill up everyone’s spine) was a startling glimpse of Bane holding Batman’s shredded, ruined cowl in his fist and throwing it to the ground.
The only negative that the reporters had to say of the trailer was that you couldn’t understand a word Hardy was saying. Many say he did have a British type accent but couldn’t be sure. A Warner Bros. rep in attendance told reporters that this is just a preliminary trailer and the audio has not been finalized yet.

The consensus of those in attendance do agree that this prologue sets up Bane as Batman’s greatest foe. They applaud Hardy’s ability to pull off this menacing character leaving no doubt that this will not be an easy fight for Batman. The trailer also alleviated many of those who felt that Nolan’s vision couldn’t get any better than his last film, ‘The Dark Knight.’ This movie has been said to prove them all wrong.
The special trailer is being shown in selected IMAX theaters before "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." Or you have to wait until "Rises" is released on July 12.

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