Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UFO Spotted Near Mercury??

There has been a lot of real science news of late pertaining to outer space.  Time to wonder what this could be and do they come in peace.

There have been so many Sci-Fi movies with UFOs and flying saucers in them.  I guess this latest find would mean we are looking at a massive sized craft, if it is what. What if it was? As in movies and TV, alien craft coming to Earth is nothing new but do we remember some of these classics -

Some UFO's come in peace.

Others are not what they appear.

Some stay for a while

Others have plans for us.
Some are from the future.

And others are dated.

Their intentions may be evil.

Or perhaps they are trying to save us.

One of the earliest depictions of the Flying Saucer.

One of the weirdest.

This can't end well

We come in peace! Yea, right.

No one will believe it.

Some look like pie plates... oh, wait, they are.

Keep your eyes peeled because they may be out there.

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