Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black and White: The Mystery Revealed~

 Review of the Big Finish-Doctor Who audio: 

This story quickly became one of my top favourite Big Finish audios. It is the second story of a trilogy, starting right where Protect and Survive leaves off but there is more to the Doctor and his TARDIS than meets the eye and even more going on behind the scenes. The story brings the Seventh Doctor's current companions, Ace and Hex, face to face with a couple of familiar names from previous audios - Sally Morgan and  Lysandra Aristedes. Sally Morgan met the Seventh Doctor in the story House of Blue Fire which featured the mysterious Black TARDIS.  Lysandra Aristedes met the Seventh Doctor, along with Ace and Hex, in Project: Destiny which featured the White TARDIS. The Black TARDIS has never been explained even though it was mentioned in three stories, Robophobia, The Doomsday Quatrain and House of Blue Fire. The White TARDIS is explained by the Seventh Doctor in the audio The Angel of Scutari. The Doctor tells Ace that cannon fire activated the TARDIS' Hostile Action Displacement System and must have shattered her corporeal shell with most of it ending up in the Black Sea. He assures Ace that the TARDIS will grow another one with the familiar blue colour. Nothing more is said about it but this event is an important point in Black and White

There is a lot of action in this fast paced story with many flashbacks of the Doctor travelling with Sally and Lysandra and the big reveal about the TARDIS. It has companions working together and learning about one another, all the while trying to figure out what is happening. The ending is a classic cliffhanger which I recommend listening to a special scene after the closing title sequence. Black TARDIS. White TARDIS. Same TARDIS in different dimensions or something more complicated? A mystery that is revealed in the audio Black and White but leaves you with new questions. 

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