Saturday, September 1, 2012

Geek Movies From The Summer Of 1982 - Conan The Barbarian

Before he uttered the sentence that became his catch phrase with “I’ll be back’ Arnold Schwarzenegger was Conan The Barbarian.   Conan The Barbarian kicked off the summer of 1982 geek films and this movie isn’t all that bad.  Plus there is some good sword play in this movie also.


The Plot for Conan is one that has been used a lot.  A young child Conan watches his parents getting killed by Thulsa Doom. In fact he watches his mother get beheaded before he is taken into slavery.  Conan grows up and is released from slavery and he starts training in the art of sword fighting.  He then proceeds to search for Thulsa Doom and extract his revenge.

Conan The Barbarian was a movie that I had to catch up with on my own.  In fact, I only watched it for the first time a few years ago when I rented it from Netflix.  My parents didn’t like going to the movies that often so when we did it was a treat.  So this was a movie that I had to do on my own as an adult.

Well I like this movie. Yes the dialog is very simple and actually there isn’t much dialog.  But when it comes to a fantasy movie with barbarians, wizards and warriors you really don’t need a lot of dialog what you want is action.  Lots of action, mainly bloody action with swords and body parts being severed. 

Yes this movie does drag in parts but the battle at the end with Conan and Thulsa Doom is pretty good and great scene.  Love how Conan gets his revenge by severing Thulsa Doom’s head from his body.  James Earl Jones does play Thulsa pretty well and you can get a hint of the comic book baddie from his performance.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is really good as Conan and you can get a hint of the action mega star that will be coming when he plays The Terminator.  While not the best movie in the world and like I said it does drag in places but for a guilty pleasure action movie it does deliver.  Exactly what action movie fans want a movie with lots of action and mindless action at that. 

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