Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 Reasons to Watch the 6th Doctor

By Ken Parker

10 - Violence – Was it may imagination or did the show get more violent during this time period.  Not sure if everyone would consider this a good reason to watch but the violence was frequent with the Doctor often making cracks at people’s demise.
Vengeance on Varos - the acid bath scene

9 - The return of the Cyber Controller – He returns in “Attack of the Cybermen” and it was great to see him again…. I am trying so hard to come up with 10 here.

A flattering shot I might add...

8 - The Doctor tries to kill his companion – Right off the bat, the 6th Doctor’s regeneration is not right and he is a bit crazed, tormenting and eventually strangling Peri a bit.  He does settle down but some would argue he never really recovered until Time and the Rani.

Not something you'd expect in Doctor Who

7 - "The Trial of the Time Lord" – Not what we had hoped but the season was thrilling and exciting if for anything, the fact that the series was also on trial.  The series also introduced the idea that the Doctor has some kind of regeneration that is not quite a regeneration – something that may prove important in the upcoming 50th Anniversary special.

The Trial

6 - "Mindwarp" – What a depressing and emotional episode. I remember watching the episode knowing of the oncoming death of Peri and the build up to that was incredible. The relationship among Peri, Ycarnos and their dog friend was touching and really added to the ending.

Great chemistry between Blessed and Bryant

5 - "Revelation of the Daleks" – Throughout the 80’s the Dalek stories were highlights of every season they were in and this story was no exception.  The return of Davros, the clear Dalek and a variety of superb characters really made this a fun and exciting story.

I can see right through you!

4 -Death of a Companion, part 3 – This would have been the most horrific and depressing death in Doctor Who had it not been for the last minute wimp out by the writers. I think we all agree that killing Peri off would have been better (even Nicole Bryant agrees!). the way her death was done was incredible and you could just ignore that part that mentions she is still alive.

Pretty horrific death, if it had stuck.

3 - "The Two Doctors" – Sure, Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines returning to reprise the characters of the Second Doctor and Jamie would have made any story that much better but the story was pretty good as well.

Great to see the two of them work together

2 - That Gallifreyan Space Station Special Effect shot – With the entire budget of the season blown in the first 30 seconds of the first episode, one cannot marvel at that shot. The effect was so much better than anything we had seen in Doctor Who up to that point. The effects throughout the season were excellent, especially the planet shots during "Mindwarp."

Excellent Effect!

1 - Colin Baker – Say what you like about Colin Baker – he cared about the fans and the part of the Doctor. With declining ratings, his casting was probably more bad timing than bad casting. He played the part more like William Hartnell than any other actor and you either liked it or not. His loud personality and costume was not for everyone but he was fun to watch.

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  1. This season rivals the restarted season in terms of shock value.