Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doctor Who - Prisoners Of Time Issue 5 Review

Doctor Who:
Prisoners of Time 
Written By Scott and David Tipton
Art By Philip Bond

The 5th Doctor takes center stage this month and I have to say I was pretty disappointed with issue 5 of Prisoners of Time.  The overall story just did not have the feel of a 5th Doctor story and the characterization was not really right.  It just wasn’t the regular crew of that era but the Sontarans just weren’t right.  They just did not seem like Sontaran’s at all acting all chummy with The Doctor and at one point saving him from the Rutans.   This was really poor in my opinion and wished the writers did not go in this direction.

Then there is the art. I found this to be not all that impressive.  The problem is that the Doctor’s companions looked like kids.  Yes they were young during the series but Adric looked like he was 13 and Nyssa looked like she was 14 and Tegan looked like 16 and she was supposed to be an air hostess and she looked way too young to be that.  The Sontaran’s looked like bald Klingons and some of them looked comical. 

I was greatly disappointed with the issue 5 since the 5th Doctor is my favorite Doctor and so I am really critical of anything new for his era.  Prisoners of Time number 5 was greatly disappointing but on a high note we got more detail about the enemy that is responsible for taking the Doctor’s companions.  Hopefully issue 6 will be better.

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  1. I can forgive so-so art, but a so-so story is unforgivable DR5WHO.