Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doctor Who - Something Borrowed Review (Mild Spoilers)

Doctor Who: 
Something Borrowed 
By Richelle Mead

The Doctor and Peri have arrived on the Planet Koturia to visit The Doctor’s friend Eviris whose son Jonos is going to be married.  As they arrive they notice the town is being attacked by little Pterodactylus which causes the Doctor to have a moment of déjà vu.  In fact once they stop the attack and meet Eviris at his humongous home The Doctor is a bit suspicious of Jonos bride who is in the woman section and off limits to men.  Peri is surprised that Koturia is modeled from Las Vegas and its main revenue is weddings.  Peri finds this part of the planet to be pretty cool and makes her feel at home.

The Doctor still bugged by his suspicion sends Peri off to investigate by telling Eviris that Peri needs to get cleaned up.  Peri is taken to the woman side by a servant girl named Wira.  Wira tells Peri all about the weddings and how the Koturians have a window to get married to be able to change their appearance once during the wedding.  Almost like Time Lords Peri thought. When all of a sudden the bride shows up and is surprised to see Peri. If Peri is there then he is here as the Bride is revealed to be the Rani and it’s up to The Doctor to stop her crazy scheme and to save Jonos from making a big mistake.


I really liked this story.  It had the feel of a Sixth Doctor story and it actually captured Colin Bakers Doctor to a t.  The author clearly painted a great picture of the Sixth Doctor and had all his mannerisms perfected.  While reading Something Borrowed I truly could hear Colin’s Doctor saying the dialog that was written in the eBook.

The story was pretty good too.  It was a fun story and having the Rani in it added to the fun as the bickering between Time Lords was fun to read.  What was different from previous books in this series is that this story was from Peri’s point of view.   It was good to get the companions perspective for once and I found this to be a pretty good idea as it made the story a little bit more interesting including Peri’s sarcastic remarks.  The inclusion of the Rani was a tad predictable as you more or less guess it was her from the get go.  This doesn’t detract from the story or overall enjoyment at all as it was fun to see how she would be discovered.

Something Borrowed is a pretty good Doctor Who story and works really well.  So if you are looking for a pretty entertaining Doctor Who short story then give Something Borrowed by Richelle Mead a try.

Grade A

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