Monday, June 10, 2013

BBC: The new Doctor will be ... revealed in a few months

Goodbye, Matt. Hello?
Apparently, you still have time to put together your resume if you want to be the next Doctor.

The BBC is stating the obvious in the wake of news that Matt Smith will not return to "Dr. Who:"
"Speculation around the identity of who will be next to step in to the TARDIS is rife. The search has only just begun and all will be revealed over the coming months." 
Over the weekend, Starburst excited fans by reporting that the new Doctor would be named Saturday. The BBC, however, quickly shot down that rumor.

Some of the names on many unofficial candidate lists include:

  • Rory Kinnear, who portrayed Bill Tanner in the last two James Bond movies;
  • Ben Daniels, who has appeared in "Merlin;"
  • Russell Tovey of "Him and Her:
  • Ben Whishaw, who also starred in the Bonds movie, "Skyfall;
  • David Harewood of "Homeland;"
  • Paterson Joseph of "Peep Show:" and
  • Idris Elba of "Luther."

1 comment:

  1. Some of those actors are too well known to play the Doctor (Idris Elba). I like Kinnear but he may not be energetic and Smith/Tennant like. I think the producers might not want to stray too far from that type of Doctor. Russell Tovey is not very good so he will probably be the one selected.