Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Series That Need To Be Remade

by Ken Parker

I still think there is original ideas out there but there are series that are begging for an updated version to be made for new audiences today.  Here are a few.

The Twilight Zone – sure, it has been tried before but this is probably the easiest one to pick.  An anthology series with short stories seems like an easy idea but the drawback in this day and age is most people are into ongoing storylines.  It is rare, these days, to have stand alone stories in any series. People need something to follow week after week and so The Twilight Zone may not be the show to bring back right now.  Still, what better way to showcase new talent by bringing in fresh writers and directors or perhaps bring in a famous cast and crew to work on something.  Imagine William Shatner starring in an episode or Chris Carter writing an episode.  What a better platform to see something different and unusual.

Current Status – rumors are out there attaching J.J. Abrams to this franchise.  Well, why not!

Blake’s 7 – Our society is not content with the world today.  Increased violence and an ever growing distrust in government and the powers that be are present today.  What better time than bring in a remake of Blake’s 7.  A group of criminals end up fighting against a corrupt military run government.  In the realm of Robin Hood and Firefly, Blake’s 7 is primed for a return to TV.  Under the right producers and writers, this show could become very popular.  The series has been close to being remade for many years now but now is the time to cheer for the misfits and not so good people as they fight a battle against the powers that be.

Current Status – this has been in preproduction hell for years.

Thunderbirds – If the new producers and writers follow the main plot of the original 1960’s TV show by Gerry Anderson, then they have a monumental winner.  A group of rescuers use high tech equipment to rescue people from various disasters around the world.  What an epic idea and with the proper budget, this could be a hit.  Keep the basic idea and it should work.  Change it too much and forget it.

Current Status - This show is currently being worked on by WETA and so we shall see.

The Six Million Dollar Man – Superheroes are popular right now and so Steve Austin should be able to easily win over a new audience.  Who hasn’t heard the signature bionic sound effect or knows of The Six Million Dollar Man and yet when was the last time it’s repeats aired on TV?  Is anyone buying the recent DVD releases?  What better time than now to reboot this series with the proper care.

Current Status – J.J. Abrams?

Star Trek – Take the essence of the recent movies and make a series out of it.  That’s all.  You may not be able to get all the same actors obviously but you take the rebooted universe and you can have tons of fun not only touching upon classic stories but making a brand new mythology. Imagine one episode where the Enterprise encounter the doomsday weapon and the next episode they encounter a new menace.

Current Status – Star Trek Into Darkness did well but not great and so there is renewed talk about the movie franchise migrating to TV.

The X-Files – There are so many series out there right now that are similar to the original The X-Files, why not bring it back.  Make it a sequel with new agents and give Mulder and Scully a chance to make cameos from time to time.  Recast Mulder and Scully….?  Maybe not, it might be too soon for a complete remake at this time.

Current Status – Murmurs of another movie with Gillian and David starring.  It is only a matter of time for a reboot.  I hear Bad Robot and J.J. Abrams might be available.

The Avengers – Steed and Peel are back.  With the correct cast and writers, this show could be a major hit.  The weirdness would fit right into today’s TV standards.  For a show ahead of its time, it is now its time.  The most important element is the chemistry between the two main stars.  Just look at Elementary

Current Status – I am sure someone somewhere is talking about it.  Recently The Saint and The Man From Uncle have had reboots in the mix.

The Prisoner – I am aware that some of these on this list have recently had attempts at remakes but yet again, as long as they don’t miss the point of the original, they could be excellent.  Look at the strangeness of Lost and its slow unveiling of the secrets of the island over the seasons.  The Prisoner could do this just as well as we learn more about the Village.

Current Status – like The Avengers, The Prisoner could be a poisoned franchise since its last attempt only a couple of years ago.  Someday we will see a good attempt.

Time Tunnel – There isn’t a whole lot going on right now with time travel on TV and so perhaps a show like this could find a spot.  Taking a page out of the popular Doctor Who series, Time Tunnel could become an excellent alternative time travel series to watch.

Current Status – nothing but this show might be fairly easy to make.

Quantum Leap – People love to see people fail – it is the basis of most reality TV right now but we also like to see people triumph over impossible odds and what better show to see that than Quantum Leap.  Throw in more ongoing story lines like other leapers and more secrets of how and why Sam is leaping and you could have a winner!

Current Status – I won’t be surprised to see this in the next 4 years.

UFO – We have had a number of futuristic invasion stories and stories where the world has been devastated by invasions but what about a secret infiltration of aliens and a secret operation set to stop them?  Riding a bit on the popularity of Men In Black, UFO could be a fun action packed series with its own strangeness and conspiracies galore.

Current Status – Someone was working on this a few years ago as a TV series but now a feature length film is in the works.  Yes, right….

Twin Peaks – I so much want to see more about the White and Black Lodges that I am willing to concede to a remake of this series.  I would rather see a continuation with some of the cast back years later.  Even if it is a limited series on HBO, that would be a great way to conclude a show which desperately needs a conclusion.

Current Status – recent rumors came out about this but don’t be surprised if it does happen.  There have been a number of similar weird community series and none are really doing well right now so maybe not.

What shows would you like to see rebooted?


  1. Blakes 7 is in production for a 13 episode season by SYFY USA as reported on this blog.

  2. Some of these series listed above are "In Production". Doesn't mean they are actually in production. Currently Thunderbirds and Blake's 7 are being worked on but I have heard the Blake's 7 remake in production for 10+ years now. I had also forgotten to mention that Time Tunnel had 2 attempts at pilots, one actually being made in 2002 and the other fizzled in 2006. A Quantum Leap TV series and movie have been rumored as late as 2010. As for The Twilight Zone, a Bryan Singer helmed project is also being rumored lately.

  3. Dark Shadows had a pilot made in 2004 but it was not picked up. The new series was actually going to wrap up storylines from the 1991 NBC TV remake and go on from there. Since vampires are "hot" right now, perhaps a remake is ready but would you use the Johnny Depp movie as a blueprint?

  4. I will be doing a sci-fi and fantasy remake column next!!