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Continuum Series 1 Episode 7 "The Politics of Time" Review By @Rivergate31

Series 1 Episode 7
The Politics of Time
By Sarah B. Cooper
Reviewed By Lara Luke

The tone changes in this episode as friendships and trust are tested. In the future Kiera, Greg, and their good friends, Vicky and Trevor are out to dinner. Kiera excuses herself to the restroom. Trevor follows her in and makes a pass at her. She goes all Protector on him, slamming him into the wall with a few stern threats and boots him out of the restroom.

2012 As Kiera and Carlos are leaving work Carlos offers Kiera a ride home, but is interrupted by a phone call. Alec encourages Kiera to ask him for dinner. Kiera reminds him that she’s married. He responds that she needs friends in 2012. However, the best laid plans are put on hold as Carlos has to rush off to the aid of a friend in need. 

The next morning Carlos and Kiera hear of a female body found in an apartment. Privately recognizing it as his friend’s address, Carlos heads over. The woman, Alicia, was murdered shortly after an intimate evening with Carlos. As Kiera and Carlos join the investigation, she notices Carlos moving about the apartment touching various objects, contrary to standard operating procedure. His assumption is when they find his prints already in the apartment, it will be because he was there during the investigation.

The rest of the episode explores cover ups and betrayals of trust. Carlos hides the fact that he knew and was intimate with Alicia; however, he continues to take lead on the investigation. He confronts a mutual friend of theirs, Jim Martin, who is running for political office. Alicia had been in a fight with Martin the night she spent with Carlos. Martin claims Alicia, a reporter, knew about some illicit campaign practices and was planning on exposing him. With the murder, he was afraid the accusations would cost him votes. Carlos promises to protect him and keep him out of the investigation. 

Betty runs a search of all cameras and obtains a grainy photo of someone outside Alicia’s apartment the night of the murder. Kiera has Alec run the image. Using Kiera’s suit to enhance his computer’s abilities, he discovers it is Carlos in the image. He informs Kiera that it will only be a matter of time before Betty discovers this as well. Kiera confronts Carlos. She promises to keep HIS secret and continues the investigation on her own. Visiting the Martin house she meets Jim, his wife Heather, and their campaign manager, Sarah.  

Kiera begins to suspect Jim had an affair with Alicia. This took her back to the night Trevor came on to her. Vicky came looking for her in the restroom. When Kiera told her what happened, Vicky blew it off and casually mentioned she had an affair with Greg before Greg and Kiera married. Kiera is gutted and Vicky is surprised she didn’t know. She thought with Kiera’s tech, she’d be able to spy on Greg and find these things out. Kiera didn’t feel like she should have to spy on her husband and best friend.

Betty confronts Carlos with her newly acquired compromising shot of him outside Alicia’s apartment. Discovered, he confesses his involvement with Alicia to Dillon. Beyond angry, Dillon suspends him as he is now a suspect in the case. Kiera is allowed to stay on as there may be a connection to Liber8. Now on her own, she and Alec make use of her technology and feed from the cell phone tower, to recreate the events of the night before. They discover the murder was a woman. This immediately brings Heather Martin to mind. Meanwhile, Carlos is attacked in his apartment. He is able to wound his assailant on the arm before she escapes. As Kiera and Carlos confront the Martins, they find that neither Heather nor Sarah is the assailant. However, Jim does confess to an affair with Alicia. Sarah confesses to arranging the illegal contributions on her own accord to help further Jim’s career. 

In the end, Carlos is cleared of the murder. Jim wins the election and is introduced to Kagame, his contributor, by his wife.. Garza sports a suspiciously fresh wound on her arm.
I’m really not sure if I liked or disliked this episode. It is interesting to me how Alec and Kiera could recreate the murder using her tech and cell tower feed. It seems a little far fetch, even for future technology, but it creates an different way to solve a crime. I can also see it becoming a way to spy on people. 

Liber8 has a seemingly small  role in this episode. However, it leaves one to wonder what is so important about a union election that they would go through all the trouble to ensure this man would be in their pocket. How many other ways are they setting things up for their future benefit.
It also brings to light how everyone seems to have secrets. Carlos tries to covenant with Kiera that they should  no longer have secrets between them. She tells him she would rather lie to him than break a promise to him: she having the biggest secret of all.

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