Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Newspaper: BBC favors Sheridan Smith for 'Dr. Who'

One Smith to replace another?
I knew there was a reason I renewed my subscription to the Scunthorpe Telegram. It was for exclusives like this one.

The newspaper is reporting that actress Sheridan Smith is a front-runner to replace Matt Smith on "Dr. Who." The newspaper said unnamed BBC insiders believe "Sheridan’s popularity is at an all-time high, and there’s a strong feeling that the next Doctor should be a woman. They think she’d be perfect, and are planning to put a lot of effort into convincing her to consider the iconic role.”

If the 31-year-old actress took over the part, she would become the first female Doctor in the history of the long-running program.
At this point, of course, the Internet is overflowing with rumors about candidates to succeed Matt Smith, so we're keeping this post brief. For more on Sheridan Smith, here's a link to her Wikipedia page.


  1. I don't want to be a "negative nancy", oh wait... I can't I'm a guy so that would make me a "negative ned". The Doctor is a FRICKING dude. Their are male and female Time Lords. It has always been that way and I can't imagine they would change it now. There is no precedent for it. Now I love female Time Lords. I've been waiting for the Rani to make a return as a nemesis ever since the show came back. I have had no complaints and have been extremely happy to have the good Doctor back. However, maybe this is my "old" age, but I would be pissed if they made the Dr a woman. Just like I would if they made Superman a woman, or Batman, etc...

  2. Agreed - I thought I saw an interview with Moffat and he stated that the Doctor would not be a woman so i am not sure why this story is even a story.