Monday, June 24, 2013

The Return of the Living Rumor - Missing Doctor Who Episodes Found (Rumor)

Here we go again.  Bleeding Cool has come back and stated that the original rumor of 90 episodes of Doctor Who were found is indeed a truth.  After a series of denials and then silence it would appear that a special trailer will be attached to the "Terror of the Zygons" DVD release in September and that 3 completed stories are ready for immediate release.

The story goes that Television International Enterprise Archive has indeed located 90 episodes in Africa and over the past couple of years has been working on cleaning them up.  A dispute with the BBC has held back these episodes from being released.  Finally three stories have cleared the red tape.  "Marco Polo", "Enemy of the World" and "Web of Fear" are in the BBC's hands and would see the light of day this year in time fort he 50th anniversary.

Bleeding Cool is hesitant about reporting this rumor and so again, it is just a rumor.  Meanwhile the forum at Outpost Gallifrey is all abuzz with the rumor news and so too is its sister website, Outpost Skaro.  There is talk that Outpost Skaro is either purposely spreading these rumors in hopes of torturing Outpost Gallifrey or they have inside info they are holding.  Either way, if this is true, it seems odd that a large group of fans on one website are so malicious toward another - rather childish.

So we are still nowhere with this but will keep you posted.  Again, this is just a rumor.  From the looks of the forum at Outpost Gallifrey most people are not buying this new report and remain skeptical as should we all. We are just reporting what is being discussed in fandom right now and are not trying to gain "hits" or what have you.  Unlike some sites, we do not have advertisers, we just want to keep people informed.



  1. ♫I heard a rumour♪ - True or not, it's been fun to speculate the past week or so. If the recent denial is just a cover-up to save it as a 50th anniversary surprise, all will be okay in my book. Still, my current belief is and will always be, it's not true: at least it will be until I'm actually watching a once thought lost episode.

  2. For me it has not been as fun. I have, at several times, been fairly sure that the rumor was true and while I have not made room on my shelves for these DVDS I did go as far as plan which ones I would buy on DVD first, etc. In the past couple of days I am more mellow about it unless something comes up that annoys me like people trying to make the rumor worse etc. At this point the rumors won't die until there is a reveal or after the anniversary.