Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Siberia - NBC's Summer Mystery Series

Siberia is a drama that depicts a reality game show similar to Survivor where contestants most take part in a series of games and tasks to stay playing until the end where a cash prize is awarded.  The drama takes place in Siberia where strange happenings begin the plague the contestants.  Not only do they have to survive the game and each other, but also something in the woods.  The series begins on July 1 but NBC is showing the first episode online here -

I watched the first episode and found it compelling enough to continue to watch.  While I detest reality shows like this I will watch to see what could be in the woods with them.  The use of cameras and cameramen in the show is a bit off (you don't see any cameramen for quite some time and then all of the sudden they are they.) but if you can ignore that, it has potential.

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