Sunday, September 25, 2011

Call it 'Logan's Re-run:' Hollywood dusts off yet another remake

"No, my name's Logan. Who's Charlie?"
In 1976, it was Michael York in the starring role and Farrah Fawcett as little more than a piece of scenery.

Today, it's Ryan Gosling and ...

Well, we don't know yet. But we do know a remake of "Logan's Run" is in the works. Gosling, currently in theaters with "Drive," is signed to play the title role, according to Janice Kay at Logan 5 is a "Sandman" in a future society. His job is to track down "runners" - anyone turning 30 who defies the state and refuses to go through the ritual of "renewal." The dark secret - spoiler ahead in case you missed the 1970s - is that renewal is nothing more than state-assisted suicide.

The original also featured Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan and Peter Ustinov.

Directing the remake will be Nicolas Winding Refn, who helmed "Drive." The screenplay is by Alex Garland, known for "28 Days Later." The original movie was based on a book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

Producer Joel Silver told Kay: “We’re trying to do a new way into it that is exciting. For us it’s really all about a filmmaker (and) finding a director for it that has a vision that makes sense.”

Production is scheduled to begin next year.

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