Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The future of X movies: 'X-Men 4' doubtful, but 'First Class' sequel in talking stages

X-Men: What's their next move?
Popcornbiz, going straight to the source for its X-Men news, interviewed producer Lauren Shuler-Donner about future projects. She should know, since she helped bring all five X-Men-related movies to the big screen. What's coming up?

On "First Class:"
“For now we're talking internally about the possibility of having another 'First Class', following our characters. We're talking about doing them, but we're just in discussions now.”
“We're figuring out where we're going to shoot it and working on the budget and the script and all that sort of stuff – we're in good prep,” she explains. “Hugh (Jackman) and I wanted to do this originally. I showed him ‘The Wolverine Saga' (a comic book series collecting the integral moments of Wolverine’s once-mysterious life) and we're both very passionate about it, for years now, and so, yes, we're very excited to get this to the screen finally. It's a great story.”
On "Deadpool," with Ryan Reynolds:
“Absolutely – I wouldn't make 'Deadpool' without Ryan. I wouldn't be involved. He's been extremely involved in the process. He was involved with the script. He worked with the writers, throwing out a lot of ideas. We have a great director in Tim Miller from 'Blur' and will give it a different kind of look than all the other movies. Its tone is insane. Oh, it's really funny. It's outrageous, irreverent, violent. I mean – It's Deadpool!”
On "X-Men 4:"
“In the future – way in the future – would I like to do an 'X-Men 4'? I would, but again there's no reason to saturate the market. So I would say no – I'm happy with what I'm doing right now.”

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