Friday, September 16, 2011

John Barrowman on 'Torchwood' sex scenes: 'You were warned'

"I think someone is watching."
Bullet to the head?


Bleeding to death after being cut open like an animal carcass at a meat plant?

No problem.

Burning people alive?

We want more!

Gay sex?

We're offended!

That was moral inconsistency noted by John Barrowman, who was responding to viewer complaints about the gay sex scenes in "Miracle Day." First, the actor who played Captain Jack Harkness noted that every episode in the series began with a warning about the graphic nature of the program. "So if you allow your children to sit and watch it with you that's your responsibility, not ours any more," he told Metro UK.

He also noted:
"We kissed, we held each other, we lay on top of each other in bed - and there were lots of complaints about that..
"Nobody complained that I was shot in the head four times, there were burning people in ovens, that I was stabbed by a mob of 50 people hundreds of times and I was hanging dripping my blood in a pit.
"So that's what confuses me, because you're not complaining about gay sex, you're complaining about two men kissing. 
"'For people to complain, that's your prerogative - but you know what, none of them turned it off! They were just embarrassed because it put them in a position where they had to explain things to their kids or their family which probably should have been explained a long time ago."

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