Thursday, September 22, 2011

A 'Serenity' sequel? Alan 'Wash' Tudyk has an idea

Will they fly again?
"Firefly" fans dream of another movie about the characters in 2005's highly entertaining "Serenity."

There are a couple of obvious issues, of course. SPOILER ALERT! (For a six-year-old movie? Well, yeah, just in case.) Two of the former TV show's characters - Alan Tudyk's "Wash" and Ron Glass' "Shepherd" - did not survive the adventures of "Serenity."

Does that matter? This is, after all, science fiction. And no one dies in science fiction, right?

Even if it does matter, Tudyk tells Rama's Screen that he has an idea for reuniting writer/director Josh Whedon and Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal Reynolds:
This is how I see it happening, and this is just all out of my head, please do not put this on anyone else ’cause I’ve gotten in trouble in the past but I see Nathan Fillion in another 10 years, teaming up with Joss Whedon and doing something where he brings back Mal.
Mal living on some planet alone, he’s shunned everyone and everybody and something happens that draws him back in to do it. I absolutely know that Nathan would be up for it, I know Joss Whedon would be up for it.”
It's an intriguing notion for Browncoats everywhere, but appears based solely on Tudyk's imagination.

Next up for Tudyk: "Tucker and Dale vs Evil," coming soon to a theater near you.

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