Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aquaman!

We're not sure how old 70 is in fish years.
How do you light birthday candles underwater?

Well, if you missed Aquaman's 70th birthday party on Sunday, you'll never know. And we're not telling. (OK, we weren't invited, either.)

His waterlogged friends at The Aquaman Shrine, though, planned a party worthy of the King of the Seven Seas at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles (maybe Sea World was already booked). Among those expected to attend the celebration, according to Hero Complex, were aqua-luminaries Dan Abnett, Tony Bedard, Kurt Busiek, Nick Cardy, J.M. DeMatteis, Ramona Fradon, Pat Gleason, Dan Jurgens, Paul Levitz and Joe Prado.

In a sense, the party was more of an anniversary tribute, as noted by The Aquaman Shrine website:
And when we say 70th birthday, we don't mean the birthday DC Comics has seen fit to give him within their continuity - that's January 29. No, we man that on this day (editor's note: Sunday) 70 years ago - Sept. 25, 1941 - More Fun Comics #73, Aquaman's debut appearance, hit newsstands.
The site also put together a nice collection of birthday greetings for the ruler of Atlantis. A sampling:
J.M. DeMatteis, writer: "My first regular superhero gig in comics was writing Aquaman in Adventure Comics (with art by the great Dick Giordano), so the Sea King has a very special place in my heart. I'll never forget the day editor Len Wein called and gave me the assignment: I felt like I'd finally arrived. Happy Birthday, Aquaman: here's to another 70!"
Dan Jurgens, writer: "I was first exposed to Aquaman as part of the Superman/Aquaman Hour, which was a relatively cool Saturday morning cartoon. That sent me scurrying for the actual comics and I loved what I found. For me, Aquaman was always something of a regal, majestic character. He was a king, for crying out loud!"
Rod Reis, color artist: "To defend only a city like Gotham or Metropolis is very easy. To defend 70% of planet Earth, live under water, talk to fishes and ride seahorses a true king is needed. Congratulations Arthur Curry, Happy 7-0 Aquaman! I am honored to color your magazine."
On Wednesday, DC will release "Aquaman No. 1" as part of its superhero relaunch.

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