Monday, September 19, 2011

Kreskin: Yes, he's amazing

The Amazing Kreskin
Is mentalist Kreskin sci fi? Well, it's hard to tell and that's part of his appeal.

Over the weekend, we witnessed the 76-year-old Kreskin, born George Joseph Kresge, perform at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass. And, yes, we walked away wondering How Does He Do It?

Samplings from his highly entertaining appearance:
  • He correctly guessed the amount of change in an audience member's pocket.
  • He asked an audience member "Who is Dozer?" She said it was the name of her dog.
  • He recited a specific street address - from Sacramento, Calif., no less - that an audience member had written on a piece of paper that Kreskin never touched.
  • Numerous card acts, such as reading off, in order, a total of 17 playing cards held by two audience members while he had his back to them.
  • Or having an audience member cut a deck of cards to the exact card being held by another audience member.
  • And, yes, he left the club with two audience members as chaperones as other audience members hid a piece of paper representing his pay check for the evening, which he returned and found under a man's cap (otherwise, Kreskin does not get paid).
It's easy to be a skeptic, naturally.

But try to explain what Kreskin does. He said he has a standing offer of $1 million to anyone who proves he uses electronic devices, assistants hidden in the audience or other tricks.

And, it must be mentioned, he blends his performance with humor and show business tales, from his appearances on "The Tonight Show" with Steve Allen and Johnny Carson to more current fare, such as "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

(No, he does not bend spoons! That was Uri Geller.)

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